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The Environmentally Friendly Choice of Selling Your Phones

Did you know you are doing good for the outdoors just by selling used phones? Instead of throwing them into the garbage and adding to the toxic landfill, cell phones that are sold are refurbished and reused. Today, many of us are swapping our cell phones for newer versions, even if they’re still usable. This is usually when the junk drawers start filling up, allowing the models to grow more and more irrelevant. With the many models of phones out there, most resale companies accept a wide variety, but you may miss your chance by waiting too long.

Solid Waste Landfill
Solid Waste Landfill

By allowing your old phones to be reused, you’re helping to decrease the amount of manufacturing. This means decreasing the amount of used fossil fuels, water and precious metals. The reusable metals can then be applied to the manufacturing of other types of products instead.

As the group of cell phone consumers broadens (both younger and older audiences), selling used phones will have an impact on generations to come. According to statista, mobile phone users worldwide is projected to rise to 4.93 billion by 2018.

Refer to these articles for further statistics and trends:

While benefiting our environment and protecting other humans from the toxic gases, you’re also putting some extra cash in your pocket. There are many companies to choose from, both on the internet and in stores, so you’ll want to find one that will provide a fair trade in value. You’ll also want to make sure they are performing with the environment in mind. Do your research before you sell used phones

Protect Our Great Outdoors

The Earth is not just one person’s home, it’s everyone’s home, and I believe that we all have a job to protect it. Since I spend so much time outdoors and utilize a lot of what the outdoors has to offer, I make it a point to recycle, clean up beaches and donate to relevant organizations. I now have decided I am going to use my blog as a vehicle to promote Earth protection. From here on out, along with my activity, decorating and adventure blogs, I am going to include a series of blogs about protecting the great outdoors! Today’s post is about commercial properties, specifically for property managers. I am choosing this as my first topic because I want others to realize how much daily happenings impact the the outdoors and our health, especially after last year’s Legionnaires’ disease outbreak. Those who own an HVAC system might not be aware of why it needs maintenance and how to go about it. So here’s a short run down.

When it comes to property management, there are many responsibilities. An apartment building manager is responsible for handling and maintaining many aspects of the building. Making sure the building and its utilities are up-to-date, as well as running efficiently and safely is near the top of the list. In addition, the manager is usually also responsible for the financial side of things, such as the rent, mortgages, taxes, and payroll. Purchases regarding new utilities and utility repair also fall under the financial duties. The manager is then responsible for recording all of this.

One of the things that should definitely be recorded by the manager is maintenance and repairs. This is due to the fact that the manager has a specific budget to follow. It’s hard to predict how often a utility will need to be repaired or replaced, but keeping up with the maintenance is a way to make sure it doesn’t happen frequently. For a specific example, property managers should always make it a point to look after the HVAC system, this controls the heating, ventilation and air conditioning within the building.

HVAC maintenance is crucial, especially after last year’s Legionnaires’ disease outbreak. This outbreak was caused by the Legionella bacteria, which contaminated many buildings throughout New York. The presence of this bacteria is often found in large water supply systems, such as apartment buildings, hotels, schools, and hospitals. The New York outbreak killed many and left many others ill. Buildings had to be shut down and the cooling towers had to be fully cleaned and decontaminated. New legislation was put into place to prevent this from occurring again. According to the United States Department of Labor, there are between 10,000 and 50,000 cases of Legionnaires’ disease each year.

To prevent this bacteria build up and protect the people occupying the building, the property manager should be aware of what exactly needs to be done internally and externally, or they could hire professional contractors to ensure the job gets done correctly. An HVAC contractor can provide the full HVAC maintenance needed to keep this major utility in a healthy state. Maintenance keeps the system running longer, saves money on repairs, secures the living/work environment, protects assets, and more.

Take care of your HVAC systems and avoid bacterial diseases that negatively impact the air we breathe and the water we drink!

For more information, check out this infographic and video!

Photo Credit: The BP Group, HVAC Maintenance


Stay Active with Outdoor Activities

Did you know that participating in outdoor activities is healthy for the body and the mind? We’ve all heard that physical activity is important for maintaining health, but what about outdoor physical activity? Let’s dive into some examples of outdoor activities and why they’re beneficial!

Running and Biking.

Running and biking outdoors has benefits that running and biking indoors doesn’t have. While getting at least 30 minutes a day of exercising is already a huge step in the right direction, try doing these 30 minutes outside every so often, especially as the weather becomes nicer.

Benefits Include:

  • Natural Terrain – more energy is being used and more calories being burned.
  • Motivation – running and biking outdoors with a destination in mind tends to be more motivating than running in place. Also, you need to work your way back to the starting point. On a treadmill or stationary bike, you can more easily hop right off and stop. You’re making the most of your workout by being outdoors.
  • Exercising the Mind – You need to use your mind more in an outdoor setting. It’s less predictable than a stationary machine.


Exercises Like Sit-Ups, Push-Ups, Planks, Burpees, Etc.

While these exercises can easily be done indoors, there are benefits to doing them outdoors.

Benefits Include:

  • More Space – having more space can make the exercise more safe and more enjoyable. Chances are, your yard or a park is going to have more space than your bedroom or living area.
  • Exercising on Grass, Sand, Etc. – Different types of terrains work different muscles.

Hobbies and Other Activities.

If weather conditions allow, all different kinds of activities can be moved outdoors. Whether you enjoy yoga, jump rope, arts and crafts, building, or even reading, doing these activities outside can make them more enjoyable. Check out this activity done by the Archways and Ceilings team! They created something that they can all enjoy outdoors. So no matter the hobby, enjoy it outside!

Benefits Include:

  • Scenery
  • Fresh Air
  • No Gym Membership
  • Sunshine – Vitamin D

Get outside and enjoy the fresh air! Your body and mind will thank you for it. This is why I love the great outdoors :)
Check out this video for more information:

Outdoor Decorating

Today may only be the first day of spring, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been out and about enjoying the outdoors all winter. What I haven’t been doing all winter is preparing my yard for spring and summer. When I spend time outdoors, I’d rather be doing something active like hiking or biking, but there are days I do enjoy being in my own backyard. My favorite thing to do in my backyard is entertain. I’ll throw some burgers and hot dogs on the barbecue, stock up on some drinks and get my outdoor speakers ready for some music. This year, I’ll also be doing a little outdoor decorating. I’ve been researching some outdoor furniture and decor to narrow down what I need. During my research, I found an online rug store that helped me get started. If you’re decorating too, then maybe you’ll want to add some of these items to your shopping list!

I’m a fan of this.

An Outdoor Rug

First on my list is an outdoor rug, leading from my back door to the table. I’ve tried to use regular rugs in the past, and they just didn’t hold up well enough. Outdoor rugs are specifically created to handle various weather conditions and heavy foot traffic. Going with an outdoor rug doesn’t mean you’ll have limited design choices, they come in all different designs, colors and sizes. You’ll have no problem matching one with the furniture. Most outdoor rugs can be rinsed clean as well, helping it to look good as new for the next time you have guests.

Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to outdoor lighting, you can choose to go with hanging strings of lights, lanterns, candles, landscape lighting, pendant lights, post lights, and more. There are so many different lighting options, so pick your favorite. You also must consider how dark your yard naturally is. The lighting you choose should light up your yard enough for you and your guests to remain safe outside at night.

Accent Pieces

I’ve never looked much into accent pieces, as long as I was comfortable, I was happy. This time, I’m decorating better. Planters, outdoor pillows, bar stools, and a bird bath are all on my list. I’m hoping to find ones that fit my style, but like I said, I’ve never decorated my yard like this before so it’ll take some browsing.

If anyone has some outdoor decorating advice for me, I’m all ears! For now, I’ll continue my research and watch some decorating videos on YouTube. Then, I’ll get back to my outdoor adventures!

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